Collaboration exhibition with Kwangho Lee
presented by NOROO at Ventura Centrale MDW  — 2019 

The exhibition takes inspiration from the layers of time, pulse and temporalities in the universe that we cannot easily feel or sense, for instance the moon cycle, the “clocks” in our cells or a falling comet. But things like seasonal change, day and night and ocean tides manifests the temporalities of planetary life. They remind us about the transient nature of our lives.
Part of this interconnected cosmos is the complex dance of gravity between the Moon, Earth and Sun that gives us Tides here on Earth. The greatest difference between high and low tide is around New Moon and Full Moon.
Only during certain very low tides, path and shapes reveals that is otherwise covered. To create this “tide” landscape Wang & Söderström created podiums and other elements influenced by sedimentary rocks. The floor plan has rolling lines to recreate the kind of flow a landscape that long has been shaped by water has. The pale purple landscape is illuminated by a New Moon installation together with projections with a wide range of colours, put together to symbolize some of the planets in our solar system. The ambient sound include samples from NASA’s planetary recordings and abstract sounds to create an atmospheric soundscape.

A momentary experience where time, colour and light becomes fluid like the ocean.

Tides showcases 100 modular fiberglass stools designed by Kwangho Lee from The Moment of Eclipse series. Each eclipse shaped stool creates a union with the next stool forming chains of endlessly intriguing variations. Wang & Söderström present the exhibition as an otherworldly landscape in dreamlike colours. Along with Kwanhgo Lee’s stools Wang & Söderström present their coral inspired sculptural vessels. The visitors can take a low tide walk in changing light and colours, reflect themselves in the puddles and discover objects and sculptures on uncommon ground.

A tribute to the moon and the powerful rhythms in nature.

Exhibition design and Creative direction by Wang & Söderström.
Work displayed: The Moment of Eclipse stools by Kwangho Lee and Low Tide Collection; Favia Vessel, Sebae Vessel and Lobo Vessel by Wang & Söderström.

Tides presented by Korean paint and innovation lab Noroo Group.

Photo by Andrea Martiradonna and Wang & Söderström. 

All rights reserved © Wang & Söderström 2021