Brutalist cuisine

Illustrations Series for Icon Design Magazine
Commission — 2019

Illustrations for ICON Design magazine June Issue. Article ‘Brutalist Cuisine‘ of Carsten Höller. 
Interpretations of 3 receipes and 1 cover illustration. 

The artist Carsten Höller has gone beyond gallery walls for his latest creation: Brutalist cuisine. Höller, a former scientist and an artist who explores psychedelics and fun-fair entertainment, invented a cooking method that purifies each dish to a single unadulterated element. Without spices or mixtures of ingredients, the principal element is combined only with diverse preparations of its own constituent parts — nothing is added beyond water and salt.
The new cuisine invites diners to experience an ingredient in a revelatory way, and rethinks the modern kitchen with its plethora of flavors and garnishes. Höller recently held the first-ever Brutalist dinner in Los Angeles.
Höller possesses a restless creativity that propels him to reconsider every aspect of life, right down to the food we eat. I'd like to do a story that delves into how his invention of Brutalist cuisine reflects his greater artistic approach.
Words by ICON Design.

‘Heirloom Tomato’
Cover illustration - Brutalist Cuisine
‘Carsten Höller and his edible, integralist art.’

‘Mushroom Carsten’
‘Spiny Lobster‘

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