eqt materials 

Film, Illustration and Store installation for Sneakersnstuff x Adidas
Commission — 2017

For the release of Sneakersnstuff x adidas EQT Materials sneakers Wang & Söderström created the digital campaign and designed the physical store installations.

They wanted to zoom in to the shoe on a “macro”level and tell a story about the material qualities in a playful way. Their ambition were to show the diversity of materials in the shoes and how they interact with each other. How the perception towards one material can change depending on what material sits next to it. In the animation Wang & Söderström wanted to show a deconstructed version of the shoe and in a playful way capture a storyline of the materials emergence to full shoe. They also focused on the technology behind the shoe as well as the feeling when you wear them. For instance the boost sole which is made out of a small granular material that pops/blows up and creates the cellular styrofoamlook.

Store implementations was realized in Sneakersnstuff's Paris and London store.

Store installations fabricated by Independent Dekor.

All rights reserved © Wang & Söderström 2021