Set Design and Animation for Malmö Stadsteater
Commission — 2018

Set design, animations and costume for Malmö Stadsteatern (Malmö City Theatre), Unga Teatern.

In a colourful and bubbly universe with playful animations and an intriguing soundscape creates a theatre play that puts childrens questions about death and belonging in focus. The big fluffy orange carpet and the three walls for Labryint breaks the traditional staging and invites the childrens to sit close to the actors and to the projected screens. The set design took the excisting architectural elements to encounter and played with animations that switches between the existing space and an abstract universe.

Director: Saga Gärde
Script: Saga Gärde + Felicia Mulinari
Music and Sound: David Gülich
Set Design, animations and costume: Wang & Söderström
Actors: Maria Naidu
Yamina Jebril and Isabel Rayo Planella (voices)
Photo: Emmalisa Pauly

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