table of contents 101

Sculptures and Print
Personal Project — 2017

Digital print.
Size: 3000 x 2000 x 40 mm
Technique and material: 3D rendering, digital print on canvas, aluminium frame.
101 is part of the Wang & Söderström’s experimental series called Table Of Contents and the objects portrayed showcase different shapes and textures, a curated and indexed collection of the wobbly and of the geometrical.

The "handcrafted" 3D models have been reproduced in physical form through 3D printing and are left deliberately unpolished to show the traces of this specific technique.

Part of our solo exhibiton ‘Transitional Speculation’ where digital objects are given physical form and the borders between the digital and the physical are blurred.

Size: ranging from 200 x 200 x 300 mm to 10 x 30 x 50 mm.

Technique and material: 3D printed objects, biodegradable plastic (PLA), cork, wood, stone filaments.

Photo of sculptures by Beata Cervin

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