the mindcraft project

Exhibition Design and Visuals for The Mindcraft Project 2020
Commission — 2020 
The Mindcraft Project 2020 unfolds a curated selection of artistic, research-driven and experimental design projects by ten of Denmark’s most notable designers and artists. Initially the exhibition were to be shown at Milan Design Week. Due to the cancellation of Milan Design Week 2020, the exhibition has been transformed into a digital platform.

Exhibition by: Copenhagen Design Agency
Design and visuals by: Wang & Söderström
Photography by: Anders Sune Berg 
Website by: Ruby Studio

Exhibiting artists and designers: 
Ane Lykke/ Cathrine Raben Davidsen/ FOS/ Jonas Edvard/ Kasper Kjeldgaard/ Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen/ Maria Bruun/ Mathias Bengtsson/ Norm Architects/ Tanja Kirst
We wanted to create the sense of relationship between the objects by treating them through the same visual filters. Putting them in a group by adding visual frames that hint they are shown together. We created digital visual elements towards the physical exhibition, but now we are taking the physical elements into the digital. What was supposed to be the feet for the podiums in the exhibition are now a graphical element on the website and act like a symbol of this virtual space.

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