Window Display & Set Design for Selfridges
Commission — 2018
Window display for Selfridges London, part of Selfridges series Radical Luxury. Time Warp is an exploration of time as luxury, and the possibilities that come with the power of being able to control time on a detailed level.

Through an abstract sculptural imagery, four scenarios where time has been manipulated, are presented. The hanging, lopsided table of Frozen Time, shows how belongings can be kept safe in a space where the passage of time has stopped. Slow Motion offers heightened sensory experiences, and the opportunity to make any moment last longer. The play with light and leaning shapes in Fast Forward, suggest a possibility to skip ahead to the good times in life, while the curved mirrors of Parallell Dimensions push the boundaries of time even further, as the warped reflections, represent alternate versions of reality, created through time loops.

What would we choose to do if we were given those abilities to control time? Who would they be given to, and what would be the consequences of using them?

Wang & Söderström offer a perspective on time that spans from the small adjustments that every person would make to change their lives, to a much broader context. Imagine if we could slow down time worldwide, while we find solutions for climate change or negotiate world peace. But what would happen to those affected by issues that require very quick responses, such as famine or disease? 
While the piece itself does not offer any answers, it encourages us to consider a different reality, and to reflect on what we do with the time that is given to us. Time Warp discusses the luxury of time, by means of the influence it provides over our own lives, and it raises questions about our priorities and desires as individuals, as well as members of a community.

Text by Julia Stenberg
Photo by Mishael Phillip and Wang & Söderström

All rights reserved © Wang & Söderström 2021