W&S collection

Homeware objects / sculptures for HAY
Commission — 2020

The ‘Wang & Söderström Collection’ is a family of objects that originates from the duo’s digital way of working. The collection manifests the intersection of the digital and physical process, where the forms have been embodied through 3D printing and later made in ceramic. 

Wang & Söderström wanted to give the objects organic forms as if they’ve been part of a plant or animal but keep the alien unfamiliarity that comes from its digital roots. What makes them ordinary or what makes them strange, is through the individual’s eyes. In that way the duo want people to create their own relation towards the object.


Chubby Vase, Belly Button Sculpture, Soft Candleholder.
Photo by Mishael Phillip.

Chamber Vase, Double Donut Doorstop, Moguls Sculpture.
Photo by Mishael Phillip
Boulder Bookend, Double Donut Doorstop, Soft Candleholder. Photo by HAY.
Chubby Vase, Soft Candleholder. Photo by Mishael Phillip.

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