Film and Illustration for Nobel Prize Organisation / Nobel Week Dialogue x Stockholm Design Lab
Commission — 2018

Visual imagery for 2018 year’s Nobel Week Dialogue. Made in collaboration with Stockholm Design Lab.

Holistic identity and graphic design by Stockholm Design Lab.

“The Nobel Week Dialogue is an annual science conference on 9 December in Nobel Week. With this event the Nobel Institutions aim to deepen the dialogue between the scientific community and the rest of society on issues connected with the Nobel Prize and of importance for the world.

Water is essential to the survival of humanity. Every drop is precious. This year the Nobel Week Dialogue will be turning its attention to a topic that is important to us all. How does humanity impact the ocean? Where does water get wasted? Can we change patterns of water use? As a resource, for our health, for the environment and in culture: water matters.”— nobelprize.org
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