Photography Series, in collaboration with Mishael Phillip
Personal project, Collaboration — 2018

Common Odd Things is a still life series that aim to stretch the boundaries between the familiar and the unreal. The organic sculptures are created by the artist duo Wang & Söderström through digital data to physical form by 3D printing. They are made in various biodegradable PLA blends, such as wood, stone and glossy plastic, which creates different textures and appearance that is often found in Wang & Söderström’s 3D rendered work.

The objects have been brought together in different set designs and captured by photographer Mishael Phillip, who focus on boosting the surrealness yet keeping details to reveal the sense of the real world.

The title, Common Odd Things, invites to explore the work from your own perspective. The contradictory words ’common’ and ‘odd’ is a play of how things can carry familiarities at the same time feel bizarre and alienated. Things can look like an object from your dinner table or a sex toy. Or perhaps a creature, something alive. What makes them common and what makes them odd, is through the individual’s eyes.

Photo by Mishael Phillip

All rights reserved © Wang & Söderström 2021