Collaboration Exhibition with SANO // SachsSachs, Antenne
Personal Project, Collaboration — 2018

Inside a 250 year old military bunker, SachsSachsSano Architects and artists/designers Wang & Söderström presented a collaborative exhibition to explore the human perceptions.
September 28 . 2018 - October 4. 2018

Through a site specific spatial installation, SachsSachs and Sano offered an architectural guided tour between lightness and darkness.

A curated experience into the unknown where the senses alternate and adapts to the dissimilar environment.

All of Wang & Söderström’s collection of new and old sculptural work were gathered, showcasing 200+ sculptures in total.
The digital 3D models have been embodied through 3D printing, highlighting the traces of the specific technique and blurring the border between the digital and the physical.


How do we navigate in a dark space?
When visual outlines dissolve, every movement becomes a question.
Can I go here? What is this object? Is there someone else in here?
A room has to be felt, listened to.
As our vision takes a back seat, we are faced with our vulnerability, and potential danger, and in the dark, our other senses make us aware of the safety that light and reliance on visual perception brings.
We live in a world of contrasts and diversity, and we have five senses that cannot reach their full potential, until we see light contrasted by darkness and the material by the immaterial.

Text by Julia Stenberg


The human experience of reality is dependent on a constant comparison of objects. In relating those objects to one another, we create endless chains that structure our surroundings. The relationship between human and matter, be it emotional, tactile or visual, is what gives the world its sizes and scales, its tactility and soul. Does an object have structure until touched, or color until looked upon? Yet in the midst of the tangible world, there is another reality, and like the physical world surrounds us, it seems to be surrounded by us.

The digital is contained within the shells of our computers, phones, robots and gadgets, and controlled by our hands. Through them, a link between the physical world and an immaterial flow of information and audiovisual impressions is formed.

Text by Julia Stenberg

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