We create imaginaries of the present and future through digital narratives. Occupying the liminal realm between physical and digital, we seek to combine technological advancements with sensual qualities to activate a digital sensuousness.

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The Liminal Eatery
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Digital Indulgence

Royal Chambers - Book

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Synthetic Crops II
Digital Imagery

Royal Chambers

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Rehousing Technosphere 

Between Earth and Cloud
Sculptural Installation

Nest of You
Interactive Installation

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Rehousing Technosphere

Year: 2022
Technique & Material: 3D animation, sound
Length: 5 min 41 sec
Installation photo by: David Stjernholm
Director: Wang & Söderström
Animation: Wang & Söderström
Sound: Samad Boughalam, CDXQ Studio
Voice-Over: Samad Boughalam, CDXQ Studio
Typeface: 'Diagonal Grotesk', Kanon Foundry
This speculative animated film takes place on Earth in a distant future. Playing with the tone and structure of a nature documentary, it offers glimpses into how life forms adapt to a new planetary ecology.

Earth has been home to humanity for around two hundred thousand years – a fraction of the geological time scale. Yet in this short slice of habitation, our imprint has been so vast, so palpable, that some now describe the littered layer of human generated structures and systems as the ‘technosphere’. This is a quickly evolving stratum of neo-geologic time and one that, unlike the biosphere, is comparatively deficient in recycling its own materials.

This film takes us into a desert-like world, soft and colourful. New species exploit a degrading layer of the planet’s crust by digging, foraging, and designing new homes. What is toxic for one species is a perfect habitat for another. Among the remnants of the Anthropocene, life moves.

Screenings & Film Festivals:
◦  Roanne animation short film festival – Ciné court animé — Roanne, France, March 2024.
◦  ANIMA The Brussels International Animation Film Festival — Brussels, Belgium, February 2024.
  The Mindcraft Project — Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2023.
  Uppsala Short Film Festival — Uppsala, Sweden, October 2023.
◦  ARS Electronica. Art, Technology and Society — Linz, Austria, September 2023. 

◦  Odense International Film Festival — Odense, Denmark, September 2023.
◦  Trickfilm Film Festival — Düsseldorf, Germany, September 2023.
◦  BLON Animation and Games Film Festival — Klaipeda, Lithuania, September 2023.
◦  Helsinki International Film Festival — Helsinki, Finland, September 2023.
◦  Turku Animated Film Festival — Turku, Finland, September 2023.
◦  Softer Digital Futures — Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2023.
◦  Pictoplasma Conference & Festival — Berlin, Germany, May 2023.
◦  Royal Chambers, Solo Exhibition inter.pblc — Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2022.