We create imaginaries of the present and future through digital narratives. Occupying the liminal realm between physical and digital, we seek to combine technological advancements with sensual qualities to activate a digital sensuousness.

Selected Works

Royal Chambers

Wh331 0f 1!f3
Video Installation

Rehousing Technosphere 

Between Earth and Cloud
Sculptural Installation

Nest of You
Interactive Installation

Digital Imagery

Successful Supper I, II, III
Digital Imagery

Synthetic Crops
Digital Imagery

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Time Warp

Window display for Selfridges London, part of Selfridges series Radical Luxury. Time Warp is an exploration of time as luxury, and the possibilities that come with the power of being able to control time on a detailed level.

Through an abstract sculptural imagery, four scenarios where time has been manipulated, are presented. The hanging, lopsided table of Frozen Time, shows how belongings can be kept safe in a space where the passage of time has stopped. Slow Motion offers heightened sensory experiences, and the opportunity to make any moment last longer. The play with light and leaning shapes in Fast Forward, suggest a possibility to skip ahead to the good times in life, while the curved mirrors of Parallell Dimensions push the boundaries of time even further, as the warped reflections, represent alternate versions of reality, created through time loops.

Year: 2018
Technique & Material: Mixed media
Commissioned by: Selfridges London